Clean Energy

We work with the government, businesses, and NGOs to make smarter cooking accessible to more people.

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We design high-quality, low-cost cooking solutions that save money & time and cook faster. See our innovation.

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We train local people & refugees to make environmentally friendly, low-cost smart stoves from clay and briquettes.

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What we do

Zeed Energy

Zeed energy is helping combat issues associated with the collection & use of cooking fuel.

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Clean Cooking

The cooking basket is an ideal way to keep food warm or to finish the cooking process.

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Biomass Generation

This involves the use of Bio waste to replace unsustainable charcoal and firewood.

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our story

Working to
end energy poverty...

Raising Gabdho is a social enterprise which aims to accelerate clean, accessible and sustainable energy for vulnerable communities through innovations for products, approaches to behavioural change and benchmarking good practices. We believe that a mixed solution can accelerate clean energy uptake to reduce the effects of energy poverty and bridge the gap of energy aid poverty as well.


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