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Biomass Generation

This involves the use of Bio waste to replace unsustainable charcoal and firewood. Through clean energy initiative Raising Gabdho Foundation reduces the vulnerability of women and the girl child to the many harmful consequences associated with the collection and use of cooking fuel including respiratory illnesses caused by burning fire wood and solid fuels indoors.

The social cost of unclean cooking is more expensive than the financial cost, people are walking longer hours and children miss school, are exposed to dangerous animals and some cases of gender based violence have been reported in some communities.

One big limitation to the scale of briquettes is lack of a sustainable supply of biomass. You need two times (biomass) to produce a specific volume of briquettes. To be able to do briquette production at scale, proper planning for biomass supply should be done.

RGF is currently working to expand it’s biomass resource supply for a sustainable business. Fast growing plants like Bamboo is one of the options we are looking at.